Loyalty made Me Do It

Do it Do it
Don't Do It!

Take Your Relationship To The Next Level Join Virgin America's Frequent Flyer Program

Pointless Points Got Me:
Completely Drained.

Next time your butt's asleep and your phone's dead recharge with power outlets at every seat - on every flight.

Pointless Points Got Me:
Playing the WiFi Guessing Game.

Some of the flights. Some of the time. Always annoying. Rig the game with fleetwide WiFi.

Pointless Points Got Me:
Settling For One Shade Of Grey.

Old planes don't fly with us. Sit back and relax in an experience that feels like first class with new mood-lit planes and comfy leather seats on every flight.

Pointless Points Got Me:
Sharing the Misery On VHS.

Or you could pick from new movies, live TV, music, maps and games on a touch-screen right in front of your face.

Pointless Points Got Me:
Excited To Wait In Line First.

Leading the cattle call is not a real perk. Take control of your points while you bask in the glow of Flights with Bennies.

Pointless Points Got Me:
Blacking Out From Thanksgiving
to New Years.

Rack up the restrictions, or join Elevate and go blackout-free all year.

Pointless Points Got Me:
Going Nuts For Peanuts.

Your stomach shouldn't be the only one growling. Get food and drink on-demand on every one of our flights.

*Identities have been obscured to avoid humiliation

Friends With Bennies

Rescue your mates from their own loyalty - get a bunch of reward points and good karma for setting them up with Virgin America.*

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Thanks for being more than a friend. Now, tell your old airplane it's over.

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